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International Conference on Women’s Economic and Political Empowerment and Peace Building
Another opportunity to raise voice for advocacy on a national level arouse and  allowed the organization to reach thousands of men through the print media, radio and television broadcast of the process when the National Director was invited to an International Conference on Women’s Economic and Political Empowerment and Peace Building held in Harare. The conference was attended by Gender Ministers and delegates form African Union (AU) counties and UN members states who indentified ten thematic areas that they need to focus on during the African Women’s decade 2010-2020. The National Director was given a platform to give a solidarity message to the conference. The conference was officially opened by Honorable Vice President of Zimbabwe Mrs Joyce Mujuru. 
Speaking at this conference the Vice president thanked Padare for their efforts in fighting gender imbalances. She was quoted “Women constitute almost 52% of the population in Africa that already give women an advantage” she further went to state that “there are already sizeable numbers of men that are already converted, these I call men of quality who are not afraid of equality”. These men further strengthen the numerical superiority of players promoting out goals. She said. It was a good development to see and hear the organization’s motto being used in the Vice President’s speech. In another development within the conference, some Ministers have invited the representatives of the Men’s Forum to their respective countries so that they share their experiences with men in their countries. This invitation has shown the good work being done by Padare in the fight against gender inequality and negative stereotypes in our society. 

Left to right; the conference’s banner, Vice President Amai Mujuru, National Director for Padare Mr. K Hazangwi giving a solidarity speech at the International Women’s conference
The 1000 boys march that was held in Harare involved community boys from Manica Bridge and Dora Ward 5, Harare schools and Gweru schools. The main lesson or impact from this was that the boys appreciated that the local level advocacy initiatives were also being supported at national level and that they were exposed to the advocacy strategies like marches which they can also adopt back home.  The boys especially from Dora and Manica Bridge were impressed to see other boys of their age taking to the podium to chair and direct proceedings and hence they can also practice it back home. The programme was also able to conduct successful chiefs and religious leaders indaba within the two wards where the leaders were discussing issues to do with the practices that were fuelling negative masculinities, gender based violence and HIV and AIDS within the wards.   Sporting activities were also done during the year and these were used to break the barriers usually associated with games whereby men will be late in coming home claiming that they were playing sports. Both men and women were able to stay till late as they were waiting for their husbands.
March against rape: Men refuse to be silent
In response to the headline captioned: “lawyer rapes, burns wife” in the Herald of Friday May 13, 2011, men from Padare/Enkundleni/Men’s Forum on Gender from all the chapters countrywide note with concern the increasing cases of rape especially against women and girls and joined the women’s coalition and Msasa project in strongly condemn rape and abuse against anyone as an abuse of human rights. Padare joined in a march for 800 women and 350 men and marched in town and held a press conference. The message from the director of Padare was “women will never walk alone” Padare’s sub theme for the day was “we shall not be silent” were Padare director Mr Hazangwi in his presentation assured the women that they shall never walk alone as Padare shall always be behind them in all their endeavours to attain a gender discriminatory free society. 
Padare partnered with women’s organisation in a match against rape. Chapter members from Epworth, Chitungwiza and Mabvuku took part in the march  
He also urged the nation to make their voices heard in the fight against gender equality and join hands in the fight against gender stereotypes and help in the creation of a gender sensitive society. The director noted that it was the high profile men of society who were on the forefront when it comes to the abusing of women in society citing the recent case of a man from the attorney general’s office who axed his wife. Society was urged to do away with patriarchal views and move towards a gender violence free era in which men and women are measured using the same yardstick as partners. Padare pledges solidarity to the women’s movement and reaffirmed its commitment to work with men and boys for the advancement of gender equality and justice in Zimbabwe. The message from Padare was focusing on the power that men already have and what they can do to end rape such as:
  • Examining personal attitudes.
  • Paying attention to the language used to refer to women and sex.
  • Reporting Rape when you know or suspect its happening.
  • Listening and paying attention when women and children want to talk to you
  • Interrupting harassment 
  • Challenging jokes about rape
  • Joining community activities and Padare forums nearest to you and educate yourself, talk to other men.
  • Supporting community initiatives to end violence against women and girls
Participating on the Global Advocacy Campaigns at local & national level
The organization has participated in global advocacy campaigns at local & national level on the calendar. Through dramas and road shows, distribution of fliers and visiting schools to address school children,  all these were activities conducted for advocacy purposes.  Padare partnered with the Ministry of Youth in commemorating International Women’s Day at Chinhoyi University of Technology. The Padare Chinhoyi chapter took a leading role in organizing the Chinhoyi community and mobilizing men to attend the commemorations. 

Left to Right; Padare’s banner on the commemoration of IWD 2011, The Honourable Vice President of Zimbabwe Amai Mujuru (far right) and Minister of Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development Olivia Muchena admiring the organisations stand at the IWD commemorations in Chinhoyi

The organization participated in a regional conference on positive masculinities & responsible fatherhood. These included participation and paper presentation in the Regional traditional chiefs Indaba, participation and presentation of a paper in the Southern Africa Gender and media conference in South Africa and participation and sharing in the West African parliamentarians’ conference on the enactment and implementation of domestic violence act. 



“Makurukota ehurumende, tivhurireiwo college yerudo paita madzimai ashungurudzika.  Kune varume vakundikana murudo”

“Murume chaiye ane moyo werudo , moyo unopa, uye rukudzo, kuregerera nekuzvininipisa”.



“Mudikani wangu kana muvakidzani wangu, tidzidze kuwadzana, kutaurirana, kuwirirana. Nokuti runyararo ndirwo rwandinoda kusvika ndaoma, nokuti runyararo ndirwo rwandinoda kusvika ndafa”.   -DIANA SAMKANGE, Hurukuro, HURUKURO



“Iva murume akashinga anoronga ramangwana achiziva chimiro chake maringe nemukondombera”


“N’anga hadzirape chirwere chemukondombera”


21 July 2017
Celebration Center

Padare is excited to participate in the Innovate, Elevate Youth Conference. Sharing the platform with Zimbabwe's young brilliant minds

PADARE ENKUNDLENI MEN’S FORUM ON GENDER in collaboration with SPEAK OUT –HANDINYARARE are conducting a Campaign dabbed Real Men Nail It Campaign during 16 days of activism against gender based violence from 25th of November to the 10th of December 2016.