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A 21st Century Man is not Afraid of Gender Equality

The mood in the room became pensive when a man raised the point that a 21st Century man is not afraid of gender equality. The statement raised further questions. What does gender equality mean? Why do men fear gender equality? Who is the 21st Century man? 

The 21st Century Zimbabwean man lives in a changed social and economic environment from the one his predecessors lived in. Socially he is isolated from his extended family (urban rural migration) and economically he now has to rely more and more on his brains than his muscles putting himself in the path of direct competition with women who also possess the same brain power as himself. While his predecessors could rely on help from his extended family on gendered tasks the modern man mostly does not have such a support system. It therefore follows that he must adapt to his environment and also re think his manhood. 

Wikipedia says gender equality implies that men and women should receive equal treatment, unless there is a sound biological reason for different treatment. Equal treatment is what is needed.

Therefore, a man of quality treats women the same way he treats other man.


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