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Statement on Landmark Rape Sentence

Padare/Enkundleni/Men’s Forum on Gender applauds Regional magistrate Mr Simon Rogers Kachambwa for sending a clear message to rapists and would be rapists that rape has no place in our society. The magistrate in a land mark ruling sentenced serial rapist and armed robber Thomas Brighton Chirembwe to 230 years in prison after he had raped and robbed 13 women in Harare.

We believe the sentence to be deterrent enough to discourage other people from committing sexual offences against innocent and defenceless women and children.

Our organisation has always campaigned for stiffer penalties for rape offenders and the magistrate answered the call by setting a clear precedent for other judges who will preside over sexual offences to see.

On the other hand, we also believe that the judgement has restored the faith of survivors of rape in our judicial system. If survivors know perpetrators will be punished accordingly, they will surely not suffer in silence, but they will report all cases to the responsible authorities.
We say no to the abuse of women and children.
Men of Quality are not Afraid of Equality; Real Men do not Abuse Women and Children.