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International day of the girl child statement

Padare/Enkundleni/Men's Forum of Gender tomorrow joins the world in commemorating International Day of the Girl Child, the day is set to recognize girls’ rights and the unique challenges girls face around the world.Padare calls upon all men to take time and think of their role as fathers,brothers,uncles etc in the creation of safe spaces for the girl child. Lets join hands in the fight against male violence on women, as men WE HAVE A ROLE TO PLAY IN ENDING VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND YOUNG GIRLS. The day comes at the backdrop of continued girl child abuse cases in Zimbabwe characterized by child marriages, boy preference and lack of access to SRHR services. MEN remember GIRLS ARE NOT BRIDES,its their right to have access to proper education,lets join hands and say no to child marriages, statutory rape, rape and all forms of violence against women and girls. MEN Lets UNITE and walk in the shoes of our daughters towards a Zimbabwe in which girls are given equal access to and control of resources,a Zimbabwe free of Violence against women and girls. MEN OF QUALITY ARE NOT AFRAID OF EQUALITY, REAL MEN DO NOT ABUSE WOMEN AND GIRLS!