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Campaigns & Collaborations

Padare organized a Family Fun Day with the main objective to mobilize men in support of the Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV.

Padare embarked on a media campaign funded by UNFPA in order to reach out to the whole country.

As one of our objectives, the organisation seeks opportunities to participate in the commemoration of internationally recognised days such as 

In early June Padare saw an opportunity of advocacy through congratulating the Mighty Warriors on their victory win against Angola and qualifying f

Padare has influenced the script for Studio 263 an award winning soap that shows every Thursday and Saturday at 7 pm on ZBC TV.

Another opportunity to engage the media was seized when Padare recorded four recording with the show mentioned under the following topics

Issues are GBV, DV, subtle forms of GBV that are not so pronounced such as silent treatment and economic abuse.

Issues include responsible fatherhood, father as a mentor to young boys, father figure in the community [fears are around reinforcement of patriarc

Issues included encouraging men to participate in the prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV.

PADARE brought in a 100 chapter members to the audience and some as the panelist and purchasing recording programmes at $4/copy for chapter support