Campaigns and Collerborations

Padare Engages Sulumani Chimbetu
Padare organized a Family Fun Day with the main objective to mobilize men in support of the Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV. The day was held specifically to bring families together to discuss on how best to protect unborn babies from contracting the HIV virus at and during Birth. Previously in most of the dialogues held..... Read More 

Power FM(urban grooves musicians) vs. Padare International Family day: Responsible Fatherhood awareness match
Padare embarked on a media campaign funded by UNFPA in order to reach out to the whole country. Using the media for disseminating information is the most effective way to reach the population no matter the age groups or geographical location; According to a statistics on the website, Zimbabwe has 1,140 000 radio receivers and almost every household has access to radio. In a country where most people rely on the radio and television for news, engaging artists and Djs is an effective way to reach out to people.

Engaging personalities like DJ’s, musicians and music producers. 
As one of our objectives, the organisation seeks opportunities to participate in the commemoration of internationally recognised days such as International Family Day. This day is important in the organisation’s calendar as it signifies the idea of social cohesion and appreciates the special role of the family unit in a nation...Read More

Media engagement 
Yes Women Can!!! 
In early June Padare saw an opportunity of advocacy through congratulating the Mighty Warriors on their victory win against Angola and qualifying for the ALL AFRICA GAMES. With the support of  The advert experienced sentiments of proud and showed the support that Padare has in women’s involvement in spaces ideally made for men. The congratulation remark was met with a warm well come from readers with a readers comment that appreciated our efforts in women empowerment. 

Engaging in Studio 263 script to become gender sensitive
Padare has influenced the script for Studio 263 an award winning soap that shows every Thursday and Saturday at 7 pm on ZBC TV. This initiative sees an opportunity expose gender issues on different topics so that gender dynamics can be reviewed and critically reconsidered in the everyday lives of the viewers. We hope the necessary debates on gender issues shall be marked by this influence and our society will start to positively question our gender norms.

Recordings of Mai Chisamba Show 
Another opportunity to engage the media was seized when Padare recorded four recording with the show mentioned under the following topics 

Mhirizhonga: kana tichiti mhirizhonga mudzimba tinorevei (OXFAM GB)
Issues are GBV, DV, subtle forms of GBV that are not so pronounced such as silent treatment and economic abuse

Hukama hwababa nemhuri:(OXFAM AUSTRALIA)
Issues include responsible fatherhood, father as a mentor to young boys, father figure in the community [fears are around reinforcement of patriarchy]

Kutsigira PMTCT kwavana baba (UNAIDS)
Issues included encouraging men to participate in the prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV.

Kubhinya kwevarume: mashura pa dunhu
 PADARE brought in a 100 chapter members to the audience and some as the panelist and purchasing recording programmes at $4/copy for chapter support is under way. Please watch the programme, the fighting time: Sunday 9pm and repeat Friday 9:30am.

Bulk SMS platform an Toll free Line
Padare uses a bulk SMS service to update the men they engage on events, activities, campaigns and commemorations. Padare collects a database of the numbers of the men engaged and sends them these platforms. The messages will be short, precise and straight but very reflective in approach. To support the bulk sms platform. Padare also introduced a toll free line:

Regional and International Linkages
Men Engage
Sonke Gender Justice
International Conference on Women’s Economic and Political Empowerment and Peace Building

Another opportunity to raise voice for advocacy on a national level arouse and  allowed the organization to reach thousands of men through the print media, radio and television broadcast of the process when the National Director was invited to an International Conference on Women’s Economic and Political Empowerment and Peace Building held in Harare.... Read More


“Makurukota ehurumende, tivhurireiwo college yerudo paita madzimai ashungurudzika.  Kune varume vakundikana murudo”

“Murume chaiye ane moyo werudo , moyo unopa, uye rukudzo, kuregerera nekuzvininipisa”.



“Mudikani wangu kana muvakidzani wangu, tidzidze kuwadzana, kutaurirana, kuwirirana. Nokuti runyararo ndirwo rwandinoda kusvika ndaoma, nokuti runyararo ndirwo rwandinoda kusvika ndafa”.   -DIANA SAMKANGE, Hurukuro, HURUKURO



“Iva murume akashinga anoronga ramangwana achiziva chimiro chake maringe nemukondombera”


“N’anga hadzirape chirwere chemukondombera”


21 July 2017
Celebration Center

Padare is excited to participate in the Innovate, Elevate Youth Conference. Sharing the platform with Zimbabwe's young brilliant minds

PADARE ENKUNDLENI MEN’S FORUM ON GENDER in collaboration with SPEAK OUT –HANDINYARARE are conducting a Campaign dabbed Real Men Nail It Campaign during 16 days of activism against gender based violence from 25th of November to the 10th of December 2016.